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Summer Camp 2014

ITAM-PIER Conference on Macroeconomics

Mexico City, 25-26 August 2016


The Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and the Pennsylvania Institute for Economic Research (PIER) of the University of Pennsylvania will organize this summer the third edition of the annual conference in Macroeconomics.  This series builds on and replaces the former ITAM Summer Camp in Macroeconomics.

The conference alternates between Mexico City and Philadelphia. This year the conference will be hosted by ITAM and will last for two days, from August 25th to 26th, 2016. We expect to cover about ten papers in detail.

The goal of this conference series is to bring together researchers from around the world to discuss frontier articles in the leading topics in Macroeconomics. The focus of the conference is very broad, aiming to include theoretical and empirical work, work with a positive or normative focus, as well as work from either a domestic or international perspective.

This year, we are looking for new papers focusing on the broad theme of macroeconomics and finance, macro policy, sovereign debt, financial intermediation, and their implications for the real economy. The range of topics spanning this main theme is very large, and we welcome submissions from all of their angles, including but not limited to:

-       Financial frictions, labor market frictions, and productivity

-       Financial frictions and firm dynamics

-       Public debt dynamics and sustainability

-       Domestic and external sovereign debt crises

-       Public debt and private financial intermediation

-       Macroeconomic aspects of financial regulation

-       Monetary policy during financial crises

-       Financial frictions in the analysis of exchange rate policy and capital controls

The submission deadline is May 20th, 2016. Authors of selected papers will be notified by June 20th. Papers should be submitted in electronic format (PDF) to More information can be found at the web-page

The organization will reimburse participants for their plane tickets and taxis, and will provide up to three nights of hotel.

We hope to see you in Mexico City!

The Program Committee